Our Offering

Africa market entry strategy

We work with our clients, helping them to understand national politics, macroeconomics, regulatory environment, rule of law and other considerations in the each of the African Nations, with unrivalled expertise in the Eastern, Central and Southern Part of the continent.

  • Country and Sector assessment (Detailed Market analysis, country specific insights and sector focused insights.)
  • Market entry strategy
    • Partner identification and vetting
    • Due diligence
    • High level engagement and dialogue with local regulatory bodies, local stakeholder, civil society and key decision makers
    • Executive trade/investor mission
    • Negotiation/ incorporation/ work permits/ local staffing.
  • Risk Management/ Dispute resolution

Africa practice development for law firms

GBS Africa provides support for international law firms develop their Africa practice, working with in house business development teams to pitch for Africa projects. Host Africa themed webinars/conferences to showcase firm’s Africa expertise. GBS Africa host training workshops for Partners with updates on Africa projects/legal trends.

Political risk and Compliance

We provide a secure and structured way to maintain processes, controls that help you navigate political, social and economic risks.

Stakeholder Management

We monitor, measure and manage stakeholder relationships across the entirety of a project, helping you keep track what’s happening by logging all the key interactions across your Africa operation and providing dispute management solutions

Intra African Trade services.

To boost trade under AfCFTA, GBS Africa offers trade facilitation services for businesses and SMEs. Our expertise include: Market information systems, productive capacity, trade related infrastructure,Product development, Packaging, Pricing and Diversification.

Environment, Social and Governance management

We support your businesses uphold the highest standards of operations, honoring ESG commitment.

Deal Sourcing and origination

We work with investors and finance professionals to connect sustainable projects to global pools of responsible capital. Advise on investor readiness and investor relations

Public Sector Offering

We support the public sector to deliver on their promises to citizens, working in collaboration with various government departments,promoting transparency and governance. We track globe trends, to understand how they impact individual countries.

We support Governments, communicate their development priorities and connect them to investors aligned to these priorities

Our Processes

  • We work with stakeholders to identify key development priorities at regional, country or sector level
  • Align development needs with our network of responsible Investors
  • Support with regulatory advisory, and align sponsors, financiers and regulatory authorities.
  • Assess project completion risks
  • Conduct competitor analysis

In our executive roundtables, we host Heads of Governments with global CEOs to share best practice, communicate policy directions and build investor confidence.

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