Africa Diaspora Programs

The Africa Diaspora Program is led by GBS Africa and supported by academics, researchers and experts with an aim to fill the critical gap in the knowledge and understanding of the Africans in the Diaspora.

The program conducts surveys of public opinion in the African diaspora communities to inform the public, scholars, policy-makers and community leaders about the issues, attitudes and trends such as economic contribution of the Africans in the diaspora to the host nations, economic contribution of the Diaspora to their countries of origin and human capital contribution to both host and home countries. The program provides evidence based data of the diverse aspects of the experiences, lifestyle and diverse aspects of the diaspora.

Diaspora Investment Advisory

To channel Diaspora Capital to Africa’s projects, GBS Africa hosts programmes for Africans in the Diaspora to measure & improve remittance impact,measure diaspora contribution to host countries, provide investment advisory for Africans in the Diaspora. Collaborate with respective Central Banks, Diaspora organisations, Private companies and Governments to advise on diaspora bonds. Linking Diaspora capital to Africa’s SMEs and Harnessing Diaspora human capital to support Africa’s development.

Diaspora Capital
Diaspora Politics
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